Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Arizona Photo Diary

Yummy mint chocolate ice cream from Sugar Bowl!

Posting up on a wagon wheel bench in Old Town.

Pasta with green beans, chanterelles mushrooms, bacon, and creme fraiche at FnB - divine!

Scored a copy of the Daily Wildcat!!

Me and Ric at Homecoming

Go ZonaZoo

Hiking in Sabino Canyon with the birthday boy!

Celebrating Ric's birthday at the Meet Rack!!

Ric and I had such an awesome weekend celebrating his birthday in Arizona!  We met up with great friends, ate delicious food, watched a few games, and relaxed.  Oh, and celebrated his general amazing-ness!  I am so so lucky to have him in my life and look forward to celebrating a million more birthdays with him.  Love you, Ric.


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